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Samedi 14 mai 2011

Madrid: Matador of temptation paradise

Bullfighting is the national essence of Spain. Literature Hemingway tough guy once said: Bull is a unique artist in the art of life danger. That <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu handbags</a></strong> is dangerous, tempting activity is a Spanish label.

Bull originated in 1761, Alda Mira early Neolithic caves in the rock paintings found in some people struggle with the portrayal of cattle. Madrid's bullfighting plaza east of the grand style, the fountain is a circular garden surrounded by open-air center of the bullring. Rome once ruled Spain for riding bull of Julius Caesar. After that about 600 years, Bull has been a Spanish noble brave sturdy display mode. Now watch the bullfights in the seat of the Spanish side are often piled with food and wine, and <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu bags</a></strong> even a tall glass, sandwiched between a men's fingers curl of cigar smoke, to watch a bullfight in Spain as with red wine, a cigar is equal species of life.

Spain has 400 multiple bullring, bullfighting at least 5,000 games a year or more. Bullfighting season runs from March 19 each year, "balun West's fire festival " to the October 12 start of the "Saragosa's Bilal Festival " ended when, generally held on Sundays and holidays. Bull in the 370-500 kg of body weight are among the selected bulls in the barn in the dark in 2 days off, and do not feed any food and water. Hunger tempered bull in the red and yellow cape on both sides of the provocative, the Crazy instinctively attack the target, and finally the matador with a sword is only a few centimeters wide from the shoulder blades of cattle through the holes directly to the heart. Matador faces the risk of death at any time, but <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu sale</a></strong> almost always to be cruel to keep a calm elegance. This behavior can be said that they believe in Spanish dedicated to the cult of individual heroism.

Real Madrid is one of Spain's oldest club, its football team, formerly known as Sky, built in 1896, when only 30 members, the team was only 7-8 people, games are an empty street in the Lista The ground for. March 6, 1902, formally established in the Madrid social club. June 29, 1920, the King of Spain to "Real" before the term imposed on the club name in order to promote football development in the capital city of Madrid. Since then, the club officially changed its name to Real Madrid football club. 1905 team won the first, and then again in 1906,1907,1908 won three consecutive years, a strong contingent of the Spanish football. The early 50's, Real Madrid reached an unprecedented golden age, known as the "Real Madrid era. " Back in 1954, returning to the league title for 21 years, the championship in 1955 and reelected. In the same year, founded the UEFA Champions Cup, Real Madrid of Spain on behalf of participants did not expect the team out of control, reelected the initial five Champions League titles. No one <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu shoes</a></strong> has broken this record, Real Madrid and therefore become a European football's "Dream Tour ", the late 80s marked the League Cup, a team the second golden era in history.
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Vendredi 13 mai 2011

Spain: Carnival grotesque barbaric bullfighting

Spanish capital Madrid, 670 meters above sea level, beautiful, elegant and relaxed. Heat, is this the highest-lying capital of Europe gave a gift for each tourist, especially in the summer, temperatures can easily risen to above 40 ℃. The past 10 years, Madrid has been conducting large-scale reconstruction, the city has simply become a large site. Run to the streets here, does not seem appropriate, <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu handbags</a></strong> especially in the summer. For a newly arrived tourists, the view of Madrid's main attractions is convenient to walk, do not worry about being a thief "patronizing", unlike in Barcelona.

From 1835, the Cervantes monument has been erected in the square. Been solidified, "writer ", an air of solemn, his eyes staring into the distance. In his sight beneath his immortal Don Quixote and Sancho --- creation of the statue. They love tourists and posed for pictures, flash flash, wearing armor, Don Quixote riding Shouma as if they Niuguo neck, <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu bags</a></strong> turned around dusty, naive servant: "I said, Sancho ... ... " Royal and private north, is the famous Royal Palace. Most tourists visit the palace is the first choice. This building was completed in mid-18th century, by Italian designer concave building, which filled the palace of Napoleon in Paris eclipsed sincerely lamented.

King Juan Carlos has long been his family moved out of the current palace, the palace most of the space are open to the public. Chamber, living room, banquet hall, bedroom, study ... ... here is not only clean the whole of Madrid, the most luxurious corner, summer is summer, rest the best choice. <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu sale</a></strong> Especially the palace courtyard, a large oval plaza, overlooking the blue sky under the full-size city, pleasure, is very seductive. 

However, around to the back of the palace, to bypass all the wealth of luxury, being reckless and romantic European-style folk blowing. Where the garden is a favorite rendezvous of lovers, the garden side of the pool is the best children's playground can not give up, do not trouble a whole body wet and never go home. Pool near the restaurant, a tourist can not wait to steal sheep and popular cafeteria, during integration of the Iberian Peninsula can be tasted all the cooking methods of the meal, snack, like Madrid, broth, tripe, roasted sea bream, snail meal , Potato omelets, cream pies, almond sugar cake ...In this village are the children had no children with this delicious store, not timely open pot, emptied pockets, it is against my own. Fill a stomach strong enough to re-halogen fire, may wish to palace opposite the "Oriental Plaza" hatch shade. Place small, but there <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu shoes</a></strong> are lawns, a fountain, white uniform tone building, easily able to find the clouds of a corner, a sitting, lying, or even a sleep. It is said that in the square to enjoy a nap on the lawn, but also an important way to experience the atmosphere of Madrid.
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Jeudi 12 mai 2011

Barcelona:a person walking

Barcelona is a small city, ideal for runaway. 2 the distance between the subway station, less than 5 minutes to be completed, the road on both sides are centuries-old buildings, such as Gaudi's apartment building - Mira apartments and Bartlow apartment. Shape of a beast, a large number of smooth lines, hollow iron railings, marble coupled with awe, <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu handbags</a></strong> as well as colored mosaic inlay, the beauty of a lack of coordination, compared to normal around it are moments neighbor, could offer a towering United States . Exaggerated lines of Gaudi works, stressing childlike, naive and cynical with the United States.

In this walker ideal city, the city is leasing a bike everywhere, there are special cycle lanes, the first half hour is also free, safe and convenient and save money! Just my lack of time, no time to do car rental card, or shake down in the car in the major free shuttle Lane,<strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu bags</a></strong> is the real cause for joy. From Barcelona's old town has come to beach, with a 1 hour. Way through the works of Gaudi's Holy Church. My religion has always been normal, but the appearance of Holy Family Church amazed me enough, to meet the extremely visual. During the 100 years of the church, Gaudi exhaustive efforts, has not yet been completed did not create.

A subway, first introduced on the back of your eyes is the church, later on in the Gaudi design construction of "death gate " - Jesus crucifixion scene. Egypt Sphinx sculpture such as the general rough, though the atmosphere, but far from shocking, and the rough scaffolding volley pass away, more modern flavor. But when I go to the front of the church, see the "Health of the door ", <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu sale</a></strong> not only becoming a big sigh - U.S. Central America Central! Students describe the door to the story of Jesus was born, on behalf of peace and tranquility of the green Christmas tree, the white dove of peace, white Virgin, large areas of fruit carving, traditional biblical story of relief, high flying overhead, huge rocks eroded by centuries, <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu shoes</a></strong> Into the mottled colors, has a special bronze beauty, majesty and pure religion, a time to all subjects Fushou, n people line up waiting to enter the church quietly.
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Mercredi 11 mai 2011

Montblanc, Mont Blanc, the Port of Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Rotterdam, the Netherlands only the second largest port in Europe. This ancient city in Germany is very good at creating brands that are now filed in Hamburg, 90% of people may think of hamburgers, not this have on the Elbe front of more than 2,400 bridges, the water of the city. In fact, the hamburger people originally eating a hamburger fried steak, <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu handbags</a></strong> after the late 19th century into the United States to flourish. The locals are proud of the Port of Hamburg, in fact, the shipping industry is famous brand, the port was founded in 1189, so far 800 years of history, has developed into one of the world's largest free port, known as the "German The door to the world. "

In the Elbe River, Ulster River's confluence with the river Biller, Hamburg is a veritable Watertown, which is tough character be different in Germany, and <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu bags</a></strong> fill the gap in temperament and Montblanc pen pride when they write Complement each other. 100 years before 1909, Hamburg stationer Claus-Johannes Voss and banker Alfred Nehemias engineer August Eberstein and jointly launched a Montblanc fountain pen history - ROUGE ET NOIR (Red and Black).

"If you only have a pen, in addition to Taipan 149 (Meisterstuck 149, Montblanc writing the most famous series), the I'll never ask. " When writing this phrase regarded as a classic community, many people may ROUGE ET NOIR long ago forgotten, in fact, <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu sale</a></strong> derived Stendhal novel "Red and Black " in this ink pen, writing instrument industry at the time to solve a thorny problem: Many of the pen cap in the cover after the ink will flow, while the red and Black does not have trouble. "Never leak ink, " the slogan as Montblanc innovative quality, innovative features will always be the cornerstone of the brand.

Can imagine, when Mr. Voss in Hamburg, tree-lined walking the streets and the charming Lake of Ulster, the lake, flocks of swans, old house in the violin must have relieved his mind, touch the quality of And elegant, bringing back memories of life. At the same time, Hamburg's commercial shipping has already started, and <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu shoes</a></strong> from Hamburg and strategizing around the wealthy, but undoubtedly the most important step is to sign the contract, with a beautiful pen, palm has become the most pressing needs. This sort, perhaps the relationship between Montblanc and Hamburg became clear.
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Mardi 10 mai 2011

Germany's Black Forest: Walking in the paradise full of wild flowers

Black Forest in southwest Germany, Baden - Wuerttemberg. 60 km in the east to west, north to south and 200 km of rolling mountains, covered with dense forest. Forests, rivers light flow, valley slopes, <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu handbags</a></strong> scattered villages and towns large and small. Spring, the forest flowers; summer, trees, blotting out the sun; autumn mountain color artless; winter, snow-covered mountains. Throughout the year, the Black Forest are a good place for people to travel on vacation.

Black Forest with the gentle slopes, the above is a large carpet of manicured green grass-like. I walk on it and enjoy the unique style of black wood frame construction. I saw their houses planted with flowers, <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu bags</a></strong> balconies and windows in column colorful geraniums. When night falls, the lights revealed little huts, sending warmth and warmth.

Accompanied by a friend asked: "Black Forest, the name come from? " lived 30 years in the Black Forest, French Xavier said: "a soft spot for the German forest. Black Forest is full of fir trees planted From looking over the Rhine plain, wooded hill and dale, green leaf color was black. If you use a word to describe the most appropriate is the 'black'. But this <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu sale</a></strong> is not offensive, people stress the dark, It reveals a glossy dark green and bright colors of black, looks dignified, comfortable, people feel harmony and ease. and other hybrids with mountain forests of different species compared to the vast majority of the Black Forest planting fir trees, and one to suffer The tree, very close distance. along the trail walk in the forest, trees and foliage Mimizaza Zhetianbiri, blocking the intense light, cast a shade, who seems to be shrouded in a black being. Even in this dark Walking alone in the forest, people will not feel lonely fear.

If it is summer, a man walking in the Black Forest trail full of wild flowers, and would think to paradise, <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu shoes</a></strong> no trouble and sorrow, one behind here have been thrown out. "
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Lundi 09 mai 2011

Fashionable in Frankfurt

Frankfurt famously financial center was introduced in recent years, pose a series of KouBeiZaiDao restaurant, plus the long history of the Romantische Strasse on continuous Bavarian style castle, there <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu handbags</a></strong> seems to be no excuses not to the urban landscape of intoxicate downsizing shopping.

Frankfurt where shopping business? Their first sight of the Zeil Kaufhof should be in department stores, as well as modern fashionable beside the building decoration - Zeilgalerie. The appearance CaiEr go profile is not wide, but you'd better go in a look at the unique decoration inside it. There <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu bags</a></strong>  are up without down escalators, its purpose is to let the customer watch commodities from the moderate side road come down. 

In Frankfurt, also have a place suburban shopping Village, called Wertheim Village, downtown area, only an hour's walk to the picturesque wurzburg, only 30 minutes' too. This shopping village home chic boutiques have 65, retained from northern Europe's best an outlet luxury, <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu sale</a></strong> is always the most favorable, bring the four fold shopping experience unparalleled tourists. Here the international brand have Bally, Wolford, and Trussardi Bogner and Giant, Hanro and Nike, etc.

In addition, in Frankfurt, durable and German leather series deeply from all walks of life to esteem, coin purse, handbags, packages, <strong><a xhref=“”>miu miu shoes</a></strong>  all kinds of leather bag etc are guaranteed quality. And all countries Eseada is when guest of honour at luxurious banquets love to wear a fashion famous brand, Jil Sander is already practical and fashionable design brand men's brand, of course, the first choose is Hugo Boss.
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